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When starting our cannabis app, PlanetDaily, we went back and forth for months for the perfect name. We know how that feels. To try to find that perfect fit. We researched and collected data on all sorts of businesses associated with cannabis. We came up with hundreds upon hundreds of concepts/ideas for companies that were bound to succeed and hopefully bring us large returns in the future. There is no way on earth in this lifetime we can develop all of these concepts. Because of that we knew we would need to sell off domains we had purchased. We recognized a need in various marketplaces for cannabis related business names. Some with cannabis in the domain name and some without. We got fired up! Hence, GetCannabisDomains.com.
These domains are well thought out, researched, negotiated and purchased. Some costs us thousands of dollars as we were determined to use them at some point in this process. There simply is not enough time in the day to follow through with these potential multi-million dollar companies considering the time needed to fully develop an International app on this scale. This gives you the chance. To take your own step towards owning a piece of this smoking hot cannabis industry. To possibly own a business for the first time in your life. To be an entrepreneur. You have to start somewhere and owning a domain is the first step. Without a strong online presence your business will suffer and sales will be lower. Or you may choose to Invest as a cannabis domain owner to sell it over the next several years at a great profit. No matter your choice we hope you are as excited as we are about this cannabis industry that is on fire and find some way to be a part of it!

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2 Gals from the South driven by our passion for business. Determined to be a part of this flourishing cannabis industry. We own over 800 domains and have sold over 200.

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